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Launch Impact - Make Smith

November 17, 2018

Thanks for the love Impact Magazine! This is such a great magazine that's coming out of SB about local business. For further reading please check out the Impact Magazines Website and blog posts.

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New Product :: Field Notes Case

November 13, 2018

Intro: We all know that frustrating moment when you can't remember that brilliant idea you had earlier in the day. Rid yourself of this dilemma with the Field Notes Case! Make your wallet your notebook and keep it in your back pocket. Problem solved!. Buy one now >>> $110 Development: Productivity and inspiration doesn't end in the office. Designed with utility in mind, we wanted to make something small enough to be convenient but big enough to carry the essentials. Made for anyone from the artists needing a portable sketchbook, the architect using field notes on the job site, or for the professional who needs to have their credit cards, business cards, and agenda all in one place. Features: It's equipped...

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