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Kiva Campaign 2018

April 02, 2018

For the past five years we’ve run a strong campaign with the nonprofit lending program kiva.org to expand our hands on workshop classes, which constantly need more project offerings and to reach a bigger audience. Well, in 2018, we are at it again! And this year, we have some big news! I am very proud to announce that our loan has been endorsed by Springboard for the Arts. They're a Nonprofit located in Saint Paul, MN. With their partnership and leadership, guidance and support we hope to create a stronger campaign for our Kiva loan. Springboard for the Arts' mission is to cultivate a vibrant community by connecting artists with the skills, information and services they need to make a...

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New Product Lauch :: The Deluxe Tote

March 23, 2018

We are excited to announce our most streamlined bag to date, with a bit more flare and a lot more designed convenience. We are now sewing in outside pockets but keeping the same trusty size as our popular Large Tote bag, and leather straps to handle anything life throws at you. We all know you fell in love with our Large Shopping Tote years ago, with its simple yet stylish design, perfectly sized to fit just about everything. The new Deluxe Tote, comes with the same fine leather and lifetime guarantee, but with a few upgrades that are exactly what you've been missing. Now with a zipper closure and two outer pockets, the Deluxe Tote becomes not just the everyday bag, but the...

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