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We’ve all been there: waiting at the baggage claim carousel with fingers crossed our suitcases made it from point A to B and no one picked ours up by mistake—no easy feat between flight delays and the fact that every suitcase looks, well, exactly the same.

Enter Steven Soria, the craftsman behind Santa Barbara, California-based leather goods shop MAKE SMITH. To help us celebrate the start of Spring Break season and National Craft Month, he whipped up some eye-catching leather luggage tags that will set your suitcases apart from the rest of the pack and get you where you’re going that much faster. Photos by CARA ROBBINS.

Meet the Maker: Steven Soria of Make Smith

How did you discover your passion for your art?

I grew up in my family’s leather-crafting business, where most of my play toys were art and crafting materials. In many ways, there wasn’t a discovery period for me because it’s been more of a lifetime journey. READ MORE >>>>