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March 16, 2018

New Product :: The Passport Wallet

Passport case


It's the traveler's guide to efficiency and style, the only item you'll need from that early morning arrival to late-night departure, the Passport Wallet will never leave your side. 


Find yourself with too many things to carry while trying to catch a flight? You aren't alone. It had to fit all the essentials: passport, cash, credit cards, maybe a boarding pass or two? We crafted something slim and secure, that could fit everything you need safely in your front pocket while running out the door. Acts like a wallet, looks and feels like a passport holder. Ditch the fanny pack and put the Passport Wallet in your pocket. 


With three convenient credit card holders, a cash sleeve, and attached snap enclosure--there is finally a passport case that keeps all your travel must-haves tucked away right in your pocket. 

We promise this isn’t just cooler, it’s better.

US Passport Wallet :: $104

February 22, 2018

You Guessed it :: Work Shop Season is Back


The suns out in Santa Barbara, and we are hosting a variety of classes in which students will make their own handcrafted leather goods fitting of the season. Working with special guest crafters, we have a whole new line up of workshop sure to inspire the inner crafts(wo)man in you.

Our curriculum emphasizes DOING to learn, MAKING to be creative, and EMBRACING mistakes to gain experience. We empower our students to craft with their hands, become self sufficient and build confidence.



Build an Axe Workshop :: $120 :: Patrick Melroy

Saturday, March 10th :: 1pm - 5pm

Leather Sandal Making Workshop :: $225 :: Stacey Fulwiler

Sunday, March 18th :: 11am - 5pm

Tooling Workshop :: $95 :: Brad Coperates

Saturday, April 7th :: 4pm - 6pm

Belt Workshop :: $105 :: Steven Soria

Saturday, April 21st :: 2pm - 5pm

Tote Bag Workshop :: $265 :: Steven Soria

Saturday, May 5th :: 2pm - 6pm


*Limited workshop availability. To learn more about each individual workshop please visit our website or call us at 805.699.6296 for more information.




February 14, 2018

February 02, 2018

Leather Mouse Pad :: Valentine’s Day

On February 14th you have an opportunity, a chance to stray away from the classic “roses for Valentine’s Day cliché” and show that special someone how you truly feel.

Nothing screams, "I still wanna make-out with you" like giving leather on the most Hallmark of holidays. A custom embossed leather mouse pad is the gift that lasts for a lifetime. Everyday your sweetheart can slide their hands over the smooth luxurious leather, a true object of your genuine devotion and affection.

But don't worry, if you’re not much of a VDay participant, you don’t have to deny yourself a piece of sexy desk decor. Just imagine a more enjoyable feeling than the touch of your mouse on a smooth leather surface.


Spoiled yourself enough this year? Get the Make Smith Leather Mouse Pad custom embossed for some you know who will love and appreciate the leather everyday. Or at least to keep their hands off your own. 

Buy one here! $65

December 08, 2017

Fiesta Dance Party 2017 DJ MIX

Its better late than never! I know its already December and the Summer is long gone, but this mix y Aaron Michael Mendoza is still on point. Check it out and get yourself ready for next years FIESTA PARTY 2018. Enjoy!

November 27, 2017

We MAKE promises.

Make Smith does things differently. You're not just getting a bag, you're getting a guarantee for life.

We stand by the quality of our materials and craftsmanship. If the leather, stitching, or hardware of your genuine Make Smith product fails at any time due to regular use, we will repair or replace it. That is our promise. Our products are made to withstand a lifetime of normal wear and tear for the use they were intended. The Make Smith Lifetime Guarantee does not cover repair or replacement due to out-of-the-ordinary use, accidents, or intentional modification by customer. 

We pride ourselves in creating relationships that last a life time. Experience Make Smith. 

November 22, 2017

What does leather smell like?


This question is posed to me almost everyday, so I've had a long time to think about it;  What does leather remind me of? It's the smell of an old workshop, an old saddle museums, or a luxurious car, and, just pure nostalgic feelings for the past. But most importantly, I'm reminded my craft, of the type of leather that I work with everyday. I'm reminded of a particular leather that I find to be the most beautiful to touch, to smell, and work with. This special leather is called LATIGO, which translates from Español to English as Spanish Whip. Naturally, I've found this name to be the inspiration for our first line of aromas. 

So here we are; Spanish Whip, a rugged and playful aroma roll-on oil for men with hints of tobacco flower, citrus, sandalwood and cedar meticulously blended by @mossbotanicals of Ojai, Ca from all natural ingredients. Available this week in our showroom in a very limited quantity.

October 17, 2017

It's Workshop Season

The suns out in Santa Barbara, and we are hosting a variety of classes in which students will make their own handcrafted leather goods fitting of the season. Our curriculum emphasizes DOING to learn, MAKING to be creative, and EMBRACING mistakes to gain experience. We empower our students to craft with their hands, become self sufficient and build confidence, all while having a ton of fun.

Our New Workshop Schedule: 

Bracelet Making Class
Thursday, October 26th :: 6pm - 8pm
Saturday, October 28th :: 5pm - 7pm

Belt Making Class
Thursday, November 16th :: 6pm - 9pm
Saturday, November 18th :: 5pm - 8pm

Tote Bag Making Class
Thursday, November 30th :: 5pm - 9pm
Saturday, December 2nd :: 5pm - 9pm

Our new workshop dates are up! We will be putting workshops together from October through December twice a week. Snag a spot or two and come join us at the variety of workshops we are offering this season. See you there!

*For more information on the specifics of each workshop please visit our workshop page at or give us a call at 805.699.6296

September 20, 2017

New Product Launch :: Crossbody Soft Brief

laptop briefcase 1

laptop briefcase 3

laptop briefcase 2


Turn Heads and make a statement. The new Crossbody Soft Brief is here and its the perfect accessory for you to go from business to beach and back around again.


This is not a messenger bag, its better. We ditched the flap and created a soft brief that will take you where you need to go and maybe a bit further. If you're anything like us, we’re always looking for the perfect carryall. We’re last minute packers and that meant needing to make a bag that inspired confidence, easy and style. I'm pretty sure we nailed it. With an adjustable strap and a internal laptop sleeve this bag goes at the top of the packing list (that is if we have time to make one). From a business meeting to a long weekender it doesn't take no for an answer.


Whats our favorite part? Well the laptop sleeve of course. With contemporary convenience built right in, its hard to say "why not" to this durable design.  

Buy one here!  $325

Photos courtesy of Lerina Winter 

August 30, 2017

New Product Launch :: The Zipper Cross Body Purse

cross body purse

cross body purse 2

cross body purse 3


Your search has ended. With the release of our new Zipper Cross Body Purse, you won't find yourself wanting anymore. Its minimalist attitude and beautiful character flaws will be the beginning of a long friendship. 


The perfect companion bag is here and we have Weslie to thank for it. Friends that have needs inform our new design decisions 100%. Following an afternoon of coffee and conversation, she urged me to get to work on a custom design--something sleek and simple, she said. Coming up with a design that could follow her any and everywhere was tougher than expected, how could something so straightforward be so taxing? The final product was more than we had hoped for, its simple, elegant and rustic enough for casual use. 


Our favorite feature of this piece is internal pocket (per Weslie's strong request for somewhere to store her always lost keys). 

Buy one here!  $265

Photos courtesy of Lerina Winter 

July 22, 2017

New Product Launch :: Leather Bound Journals

Leather Journal

MS Leather Journal

MS Leather Journal

Three Color Choices Leather Journal


Intro: Never forget an idea, make sure you write it down! Journaling is a really great way to process all of your creative thoughts.

Development: We made this journal for the Director of the Santa Barbara Film Fest, Roger Durling. He came to us with the idea of having a classic, clean but old world style leather bound journal that has the ability for refillable paper. He interviews people, takes notes about films and writes notes about his students work all day long, so archiving the books for a later date is a must. So, we designed this leather tie-up style journal around replaceable decomposition books that can be taken out and then replaced with a new one with ease.

Feature: One of the best features of this piece is that the journals inserts can be found at most drug stores, books stores and/or ordered online from Amazon, because they are an educational industry standard size.

Buy one here! $85

Photos courtesy for Winter Creative Co. 

July 19, 2017

Teaming Up with for some vlog action

We spent a couple of days with to work on a "Vlogging for Business" project... the following is the script from the tutorial...

Jem Schofield of theC47 breaks down the planning, production, post production, equipment, and distribution of an ongoing vlog for your company, business, or creative endeavor. Jem explains how to select the right subject matter, pick a vlogging camera, and shoot your vlog. Plus, he goes over helpful post production and delivery strategies, including editing and integrating branding assets. Jem shows all of this by walking through the process with a business owner, Steven Soria of Make Smith Leather Company.

Vlogging for Business by Jem Schofield

See more of the project we worked on with >>>>>>>>>

May 30, 2017

100 Mile Run & a Custom Made Belt to Match!

This is the trophy you receive when you finish a Ultra Marathon Run, that's 100 miles. #borntorun // We're honored to make you a custom belt Benjamin! #100milerun

100 Mile Run

Grab a custom belt for yourself, as well. Will make one up within a few days and ship it to ya!

May 25, 2017

Cooper Saddlery >>>> Leather Tooling Workshop 2017

Our 2017 summer workshop program is fulling underway with leather tooling, sandal making, tote bag making and last but not least, leather belt making. Please take a look at our class schedule to see a full list of available classes. Our first class was run by Brad Cooper of Cooper Saddlery in Buellton, CA. Brad opened his shop last summer and has been hand-making saddles of the high quality American craftsmanship money can buy you. Take a look at the photos below to see Brand in action teaching an 8 student class all about leather carving, shading, casing, coloring and basket weave stamping. Its was a beautiful day in sunny Santa Barbara, watching, learning and taking part in this lost craft. 

Leather Crafting Workshop - Cooper SaddleryLeather Crafting Workshop - Cooper Saddlery 2Leather Crafting Workshop - Cooper Saddlery 3Leather Crafting Workshop - Cooper Saddlery 4

May 16, 2017

Frequently Asked Question of the Week

Make Smith Shop

FAQ of the week...

Customer: Can I speak with Mike?  

Me: No, there is no mike that works here. My name is Steven Soria, and you have arrived at our leather shop called Make Smith. How can I help you?

Customer: Quit messing with me, Mike, I haven't had all my coffee, yet.

Me:   : /

May 10, 2017


Check out this awesome DIY we did with TEVA....

We’ve all been there: waiting at the baggage claim carousel with fingers crossed our suitcases made it from point A to B and no one picked ours up by mistake—no easy feat between flight delays and the fact that every suitcase looks, well, exactly the same.

Enter Steven Soria, the craftsman behind Santa Barbara, California-based leather goods shop MAKE SMITH. To help us celebrate the start of Spring Break season and National Craft Month, he whipped up some eye-catching leather luggage tags that will set your suitcases apart from the rest of the pack and get you where you’re going that much faster. Photos by CARA ROBBINS.

Meet the Maker: Steven Soria of Make Smith

How did you discover your passion for your art?

I grew up in my family’s leather-crafting business, where most of my play toys were art and crafting materials. In many ways, there wasn’t a discovery period for me because it’s been more of a lifetime journey. READ MORE >>>>




Sandal Making Workshop 2017 with Stace Fulwiler

We're very excited to announce that famous sandal making class will be happening again this season at Make Smith Leather. Stac Fulwiler will be head down the 101 freeway from Oakland CA to teach a six our class. As always, all are welcome to participate. Here are the details:  

When: Saturday, May 6th, 2017
Time: 11am - 5pm
Where: Make Smith Leather Co.  
117 West De La Guerra St, Suite C, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Class Fee: $250  sign up through the shop!

Description: In a 6 hour workshop, you will learn how to make a pair of leather sandals, using your own feet for the fit and your own design for the style (or pick a design to make from my website).  We'll provide the instruction, the tools, the materials and the leather.  By the end of class you will have made your own pair of leather sandals!  You will also learn some basic leather-working techniques and you’ll leave with a handout outlining sandal-making basics, including places to source materials in California.

State Fulwiler Sandal Making WorkshopState Fulwiler Student -Sandal Making ClassState Fulwiler Student -Sandal Making Workshop

April 26, 2017

New Summer 2017 Dates for Workshops are LIVE


Make Smith is a 500 square foot traditional leather-crafting workshop located at 117 West De La Guerra St Unit C, Santa Barbara CA  93101. Our goal is to provide the resources, education, and community for creative minds to make quality handcrafted leather goods. Our classes can enhance a growing career or satiate a long time desire to start a new skill in a small class format. We host a variety of classes in which students will make leather goods such as, a wallet, a belt, a bracelet, and much more. Our curriculum emphasizes DOING to learn, MAKING to be creative, and EMBRACING mistakes to gain experience. We empower our students to craft with their hands, become self sufficient and build confidence. 

2017 Workshop Schedule:

Saturday, April 29th from 2 - 6pm  :: Leather Tooling

Sunday, April 30th from 2 - 6pm :: Leather Tooling

Saturday, May 6th from 11am - to 5pm :: Sandal Making

Saturday, May 27th from 2 - 6pm :: Belt Making

Saturday June 10th, 2017 from 2 - 6pm :: Tote Bag Making

April 24, 2017

The Alamo Motel - A mini Outpost of Make Smith Goods

We never really had an official opening in Los Alamos to celebrate our little shop opening in North Santa Barbara County, but trust me when I tell you that lots of champagne has been flowing! For almost a four years now, Shelter Social Club has worked with us to develope small branded leather goods for the lobby shops at all of their locations, so it only seemed natural to start selling our tote bags and leather accessories, as well. You can now find a full assortment of our Make Smith branded goods at the Alamo Motel Gift shop. We're officially curating a small shop within the check-in lobby. Stop by and scope out whats happening at our new little shop @ The Alamo Motel, or better yet, book a room for the night and make a weekend adventure out of it. But don't forget to stop into Municipal Wine Makers who has a quaint little tasting room on the hotel property. 

Address: 425 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440

The Alamo Motel - Los Alamos, CA

The Alamo Motel - Los Alamos, CA The Alamos Motel - Los Alamos, CA and Make SmithMake Smith Leather Co. at The Alamo Motel

December 01, 2016

UGG X Make Smith

We are super stoked to announce that we have launched a new project with UGG Mens Accessories. They will be selling out leather belts both online and in their retail stores. Please take a look when you get a minute;