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  • SPOT LIGHT :: 1967 4-Eye Blucher

    There's no doubt, in my mind, that Rancourt & Co. is one of those heritage brands that stands out from the pack. These days when it seems that American Made goods are more popular than ever, Rancourt has a foothold in the handmade industry. I always come back to this amazing brand when people ask me what I have been looking for inspiration. And yes, we don't make shoes. Make Smith makes carry goods, but that doesn't mean that we don't look for inspiration from other makers. And in this case, this small Company out of Maine, has been a favorite of mine for many years. Below is my favorite pair of handmade moccasin loafers. Out of their "Ready Made Collection," its the "1967 4-Eye Blucher" and here's the link. They are constructed of Heavyweight steerhide Chromepak from Horween, and weigh in at $285.

    Rancourt & Co.

  • The CraftTALK Series

    Info: If you haven’t yet heard, MAKE SMITH is launching a show-and-tell series, set to occur every First Thursday, which features local MAKERS, artisans, craft-driven folk and students alike. Our intention is to given these like minded individuals a platform to show off their hard word and accomplishments, while encouraging others to do the same. We hope to bring light to the truly inspiring nature of these creative individuals who were bold enough to take their passions to the next level, and encourage others to do the same.


    15 min talk based on photos, 15min show-and-tell of goods, 15min Question & Answer with audience, followed by a 30min casual refreshment mixer.

    Thursday, July 5th @7pm

    Please Join us at our first ever CraftTALK featuring George Pipires (Bar Manager at Finch & Fork). He will be warming up our leather workshop with a series of handmade cocktails, from a welcoming reshment to an interactive cocktail demo you can make at home. Our audience will be asked to participate; pour, stir, shake and sip. More surprises to come on Thursday, July 5th. Lite oredouves will be served and prepared by Executive Chef Peter Cham. 

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  • How To Measure Your Waist Size for Your New Belt

    If you can't make it into the shop, but still want to order a custom belt, here is how we would like to get your fit right. We take time making your belt and size it down to the inch to ensure accurate measurement and perfect fit.

    It is a common misconception that your pant size is the same as your belt size. In fact, our belt size is usually 2-4 inches larger than your pant size. It varies depending on clothing brand, how tight someone wears their belt, and how thick the fabric of your pants are. Here are some quick and easy ways to get your accurate belt measurement to get your perfect belt fit.

    To make sure we craft your perfect belt, the most important thing to do is get the right waist measurement. There are two ways to do this. First, if you have a belt that fits right already, lie the belt down on a flat, clean surface. Straighten the belt out so it lies flat. Now with a tape measure and calculate the length from the middle point of the metal buckle to the belt notch that fits you best. That distance is your belt size in inches. Second, if you don't have a belt that fits right, take a string and wrap it around your waist pinching it at the point where the loose end wraps around your waist and meets back at the long end of the string. Use a tape measure to calculate this length in inches, that is your belt size.

    1. We size using a measured out leather belt to get exact belt size measuring. Although it is oftentimes 2-4 sizes bigger than your pants, we measure to make sure we have it exactly right.
    2. Pick the color of the strap you would like. We stock nine colors to make certain we have what you are looking for.
    3. Pick the width of the belt you would like. We recommend a 1.25” for dress belts and a 1.5” for an everyday or workwear belt.
    4. Pick your hardware style and color. We carry 3 styles of buckles in four different hardware colors.
    5. Would you like stitching? We recommend this for our dress belts.
    6. Finally, we can emboss your initials to give your new belt an even more personalized touch
    1. The Leather Guide to Father's Day

      The stakes are high, with Father’s Day right around the corner. Buying the perfect gift for the man who (seemingly) has everything, is no easy task. We’ve all heard him say he doesn’t NEED anything, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t WANT something. With some inspiration taken from the dads in our lives, we’ve curated a pretty perfect list of items dad won’t help but drool over this Father’s Day:

      For the Outdoorsmen :: Elk Horn Knife w/ Leather Tooled Sheath (In Store Exclusive)


      For the Business Guy :: Classic Leather Belt

      For the Handyman :: Roll-Up Utility Pouch

      For the Hipster Dude :: Crossbody Soft Briefcase

      For the Minimalist Man :: Bill-Fold Wallet