July 17, 2019

November 17, 2018

Launch Impact - Make Smith

Impact Launch - Hub Santa Barbara

Thanks for the love Impact Magazine! This is such a great magazine that's coming out of SB about local business. For further reading please check out the Impact Magazines Website and blog posts.

May 15, 2018

Sunset Magazine - "Santa Barbara Guidebook: What to See & Do Now"

We’re feeling very excited this morning to find out our neighborhood and leather shop (@presidio_neighborhood) is featured in the newest Sunset Magazine Issue. Grab a copy and check out our little mention in “Things to Do in Santa Barbara Now.”  Please take a look at this awesome guide to all the fun stuff to see and do this summer in Santa Barbara, CA.

 Sunset Mag Santa barbara




September 10, 2017

DIY Feature of our Leather Plant Hanger

 Repost from Apartment Therapy

Repost from Apartment Therapy >>>>  Buy one Here >>>>

My black thumb strictly forbids me from accumulating (then killing) more plants, but if I was the rebellious sort, I'd promptly make one of these hanging planters. They are textured, sculptural and just as interesting as the greenery itself.
Here's a roundup of my personal favorites:
1. Alessandra whipped up a beaded planter, based on this older post from Weekday Carnival. Both are beautiful.
2. This neon string version, from Refinery 29, gives a little pop of color against the green.
3. Design*Sponge featured Steven Soria of Make Smith Leather Co.'s finished project using cut leather.
4. A simple twine version from Sara Woodrow.
5. Last but not least, Mette shows you how to create suede planters on her blog, Monsters Circus.


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August 05, 2017



The Ojai Rancho Inn and Make Smith Leather Co. get some love from our new friends at Casa Brutus. Thank you for stopping by the workshop and the new little lobby shop collab space in Ojai, CA. 

Ojai Rancho Inn Casa Brutus

August 01, 2017

UGG Stops by for a chat with me and pops


Make Smith Steven Soria and dad

Steven Soria was destined for leatherworking. Born into a family of saddle makers, he grew up playing with edge creasers, beveling tools, and leather scraps. Today he owns and operates Make Smith Leather Co. in downtown Santa Barbara, where he still works with (and learns from) his father. In honor of Father’s Day, we sat down with Steven to talk about how his dad has inspired his craft.

The beginnings of Make Smith…
My grandfather and his brother were saddle makers up until the late 1960’s. My dad grew up around the shop and eventually ended up taking over. By this time much of the world had changed, moving away from a need for saddles, so the leather shop became more of a repair shop for travel goods. Eventually my mom started working there, too. I was raised around the family business, so my play toys were tools and leather. I eventually went on to explore fine arts and integrated our family trade into my practice.

I officially started my business on September 6, 2013. That was the day that I opened my doors to the public and my current location in downtown Santa Barbara. I was already selling online and doing custom leatherwork, but I wanted more of a presence. It’s here that I created a collection of designed goods and opened a small shop branding it Make Smith.

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July 26, 2017

Making it in Santa Barbara - Sentinel Article

Sentinel Santa Barbara

Sentinel Santa Barbara


Check out his awesome article the Sentiel wrote about Make Smith, Santa Barbara and some of best buds we've worked so closely with... Read More

Article curtsey of Santa Barbara Sentinel

July 20, 2017


The Leathersmith behind Make Smith

Repost from the Antioch Odyssey Online: 

Tucked away behind Elsie’s (my favorite lounge in town), sits an unassuming little art studio. This art studio belongs to Steve Soria the designer and owner of Make Smith. Make Smith is a company that makes leather goods for men and women. This line includes wallets, belts, handbags, key chains, and products for the home. Each piece is handmade in Steve’s studio which also doubles as a showroom. Steve welcomed me into his studio space to sit down and chat about his ever growing business. As I walked into his cozy studio, I was amazed by how efficiently he set up his store. A big industrial sewing machine sits in the corner; while all of his tools are hung up against the wall. On the other side of the room, Steve has displayed all of his products ready for purchase. The Make Smith studio was so inviting that I could understand why Steve spends most of his time there.

Read more of this interview with

Steven Soria Make Smith

July 19, 2017

The S.B. Questionnaire with Steven D. Soria

It’s quite a treat to spend time with Steven Soria and to visit his incredible Make Smith Leather Company, a workshop and store located at the end of an alley adjacent to Elsie’s Bar.

Steven is a third-generation leather craftsman who combines his fine arts training with his family’s artisan heritage. There’s so much to see in his workshop, and my eyes wander from belts to tote bags to wallets.... Read More

Interview and article by Roger Durling reposted from

July 01, 2017


June 20, 2017

Interview with the good folks @ POKETO Los Angeles Ca

POKETO Los Angeles Ca

It’s fascinating that you are a third generation leather craftsman. Can you tell us more about that?

Yeah, so I never really had a choice as to whether or not to do leather crafting. My parents forced me into the family trade (hahaha, just kidding). I think it’s funny to joke about that with my parents, because I grew up with their leather shop as my daycare. They’re probably still surprised that I’m super into the family trade so strongly to this day. Running a small craft shop definitely has its challenges. The truth is, I love it. I’m proud of everything I’ve learned over the years from my grandfather, dad, and mom. They are really talented artists and craftspeople. I feel very fortunate to work within our family trade, inherit third generation tools, and make an effort to share the trade with others.

Where do you find inspiration for your leather goods?

Inspiration comes from many places– it’s hard to pin down. It’s fair to say that I definitely get highly motivated with raw materials, solid casted hardware, and leather that I find to be very beautiful. I’m constantly searching for new and unique hardware to add to my collection. Design wise, I feel like there are so many outside influences coming in all the time, and it’s hard to keep track of what I like, but Pinterest has helped me keep better track. I think it’s an overall compiling of everything I see on a daily basis, from browsing the inter-webs to art galleries and design shops.

Read more of this interview of the POKETO WEBSITE>>>>>

June 09, 2017

May 31, 2017


WERD. Loves Our Chocolate Portfolio

Repost from WERD. Article: 

"The 12 exotic single-origin chocolates encased in this handmade leather portfolio include samples of smoked and leather aged 68% Dominican, 75% Palos Blanco, & 75% Madagascar. These gourmet dark chocolate bars will probably go quick but the portfolio will last a lifetime.  A collaboration between Make Smith and Twenty-Four Blackbirds out of Santa Barbara, CA."


May 15, 2017

805 Living ›

805 Living // Fine Leather Accessories Crafted by Hand

805 Living Feature

May 2017 - Made in the 805 Article (PDF version)

Read the full article

May 03, 2017


COOL HUNTING Loves our Luggage Tags


Its nice to wake up and see a favorite site like COOL HUNTING featuring a product we make. Check out the full article here:

January 05, 2017

How One Leather Craftsman Is Changing Commerce


Everybody has to Start Somewhere

“Of course I’m a jack of all trades. I’m a business owner.” – Steven Soria, Founder of Make Smith

In our bubble of business, ecommerce seems to be the dominant force, but realistically the total percentage of ecommerce sales compared to brick and mortar sales is around 6%, according to Harvard Business Review. Although the scale of sales is unbalanced and the challenges faced are unique, an online business and a brick and mortar business have one blaring commonality — they’re the brainchildren of entrepreneurs.

Make Smith is run from an unremarkable 15’ x 20’ building tucked behind a dive bar in downtown Santa Barbara. Steven Soria, CEO and head craftsman of Make Smith, spends most of his time in this converted workshop crafting artisan leather goods — skills taught to him by his father and his grandfather. Before he recently brought on two apprentices, Steven made every single piece himself by hand.


Make Smith

August 10, 2016


Studio Visit from Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge at Make Smith


When planning our road trip up Highway 1 for the Wildflower Tour we knew we had to make a stop in Santa Barbara to visit our friend Steven Soria of Make Smith Leather Company. He came to Desert & Denim this past February and showcased some serious craftsmanship (axe making workshop anyone?). Steven’s studio and shop are just as impressive and beautiful as the hand made products that come out of it. From the open sliding wooden door to the groovy tunes playing in the California air- It’s a day dream realized! Read about how Make Smith came about & then check out these amazing leather fortune cookies!


March 17, 2016

October 10, 2014



We were recently featured on the website for our Leather Pot Holders, and a full kitchen tour of Steven Soria, the craftsman and design behind Make Smith Leather Co. Take look at this photo set. For more details follow the link to the full article on the blog. Cheers!





September 08, 2014



To celebrate the collaboration and put the wares to use that we design for Jenni Kayne, we hosted a cocktail workshop at her Montecito Home store. For the occasion, local mixologist and barista Nick Purvis created two delicious, innovative cocktails, including the gin-based A Floral Affair, with white tea and lavender, topped off with Lillet/Champagne, and The Twisted Spoke, a tequila-based concoction with a nectarine/grapefruit mash, topped with ginger beer. Making the pairing and workshop that much better, Nick and Steven are friends, and part of Santa Barbara's burgeoning community of artisans and small batch makers.


For more details, visit this link:



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