Leather Journal

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Never forget an idea, make sure you write it down! Journaling is a really great way to process all of your creative thoughts.

We made this journal for the Director of the Santa Barbara Film Fest, Roger Durling. He came to us with the idea of having a classic, clean but old world style leather bound journal that has the ability for refillable paper. He interviews people, takes notes about films and writes notes about his students work all day long, so archiving the books for a later date is a must. So, we designed this leather tie-up style journal around replaceable decomposition books that can be taken out and then replaced with a new one with ease.

Note Worthy: One of the best things about this piece is that the journals can be found at most drug stores, books stores and/or ordered online from Amazon, because they are an educational industry standard size.

- Nicely fits standard decomposition books
- Stitched with high strength nylon thread
- Weather-resistant leather

- Backed by the Make Smith Lifetime Guarantee (see details)

- 10.5 inches by 8.25 inches


Oil tanned premium, and US Domestic Cattle hide. Please note: As leather is a natural material, each piece varies slightly in texture and color.

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